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Kemper Library: Ellis Hall

Welcome to our library!

Our students in lower school have a library class time each week. Our ECP students check out books each week to share in their classrooms. Beginning in first grade, students check out books to bring home. First and second graders may check out two books, third graders may check out three books, and so on. Beginning in second grade, students may choose a magazine as one of their selections. Checkout time is for two weeks, although books may be renewed at any time. There are no fines for overdue books. 

Did you know?

  • As a parent, you are welcome to come and check out books from our library. Stop by after school anytime - Mrs. Holley is happy to help you find what you need and work with you and your child to find just the right book!
  • Our library is a fun place after school! Please feel free to accompany your child and work on homework, read, use a computer, or browse for books. 
  • The library is open from 8:00-4:00 each day. 
  • You will need a password for our subscription databases. Please see the password list. 

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