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Kemper Library: STEM Distinction

Goals of the STEM Program


1. To expose students to a variety of STEM fields and demonstrate the inter-relatedness of science, technology, engineering, and math.
2. To gain functional knowledge in all areas of STEM and sustain interest in future STEM-based pursuits.
3. To gain fluency in a computer science language in order to learn different problem solving algorithms and to improve analytical thinking and problem solving.
4. To promote STEM related literacy, whether or not they pursue STEM-related fields in the future.
5. To develop creativity and design thinking skills.

Finding Articles to Review

Requirements of the STEM Program

​​Students must earn at least 500 points to receive the certificate at graduation. Enrolling in classes, participating in clubs and activities related to STEM-based initiatives, and attending outside field-related seminars all count toward this goal. Among the points earned for completing certain elective activities, there are two required elements: reading a STEM related book during the summer and then attending a seminar in the fall to discuss the reading, and writing a one page reflection on the book; and the completion of a capstone research project during senior year.

In addition to the general graduation requirements set forth by the Upper School, students must complete the following courses with a minimum grade of a B :
• Introduction to Computer Programming
• Advanced and/or AP Computer Science
• AP Calculus AB
• Two of the following: AP Chemistry, AP Physics, AP Biology