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Summer Reading: Rising Eighth Grade


Requirements: (total of 4 books)

  • Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
  • Two books from this list.
  • One book of choice.

If students have a book they would prefer to read that is not on the list, they need to have permission from their English teacher.


Students should complete a Middle School Summer Reading Form for Of Mice and Mentwo books from this list, and one book of choice. 

During the first weeks of school, there will be graded assignments on Of Mice and Men. One the first day of school, students should bring their four completed Middle School Summer Reading Forms and their copy of Of Mice and Men.

Science Fiction/Fantasy

Realistic Fiction

Books in Verse/Poetry


Historical Fiction

Mystery/Detective Fiction


Graphic Novels

Modern Classics



Nonfiction/Narrative Nonfiction