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Summer Reading: Purchasing Information 2024

Bookelicious - Purchasing Online (Click the image to use our link.)

You don't have to sign up for an account to make a purchase. 

Additional info about using the Bookelicious Website

Our affiliate link (below) will continue to work  - i.e. even if someone buys something with this link in August, we will get credit for it and earn a small amount of the sale for the library. 
This affiliate link is specific to us, and the affiliate links can also be found on the summer reading website. Many of the books here are linked directly to the Bookelicious website.
We have looked at the Bookelcious site during library for grades 1-5 in conjunction with reminders about our summer reading website. (We clicked on the links that took us to the Bookelicious site.) Their site has some great options for getting ideas for books to read. In the screenshot below, you'll see the "Books" link right under the Bookelicious logo - if you click on that, you'll find options for choosing topics of interest. For instance, you could select "Animals." That would take you to a page with a variety of options - would you like farm animals? dinosaurs? pets? etc. - when you make that selection, you can browse all of the titles or choose a grade level and browse those. I have been very impressed with the curation of books on their site.
In the upper right corner of the screenshot, you'll also see "Create Bookmoji."  You can click on this and there are tons of options for students to create their own bookmoji. This fun option is a part of how the site's AI works.  If students want to create a bookmoji, the site will offer more book suggestions, which is fun to see. If they want to save the bookmoji, they sign up for an account - but this isn't required to try the bookmoji option. The bookmoji is at the top of the webpage, so students have noticed it, as it changes while the site is open. It's completely optional - but a fun thing to try. They can use the site without creating an account or creating a bookmoji, though.
The Bookelicious site is definitely well worth browsing! There are easy options for purchasing, too.

Bookelicious Online Ordering Information